Carters Own Riversbend Trading Company

Welcome to my Dream

Rivers Bend Trading Co., this site exists only because of the caring and kindness of others. The song you are listening to was written for and about me by Mike Peel. That’s also Mike Peel singing and playing. The logo for Rivers Bend Trading Co. is also the work of Mike Peel. The Carterism you-tube page is made possible by the efforts of Petra Tenwalde. Taking all of my ideas and putting them together in some sort of rational assemblege I owe to the genius of Matthew Claudnic.

The vision I have for Rivers Bend Trading Co. is really quite simple. I have spent my whole life in the sales and marketing of consumer electronics. I studied to become and wanted to be an Episcopal priest for mentally handicapped children. It would appear that a young man’s desire to serve God, Creation and Humanity can linger for a while. Simply stated, I want to run a public relations campaign for God and Creation. I have developed a cosmology, I call Bending which I would hope to explain via blog. The words expressed in Carterism, poem or song are there for anyone’s taking and use. As finances permit, I would like to present E-books, T-shirts and other material to reinforce The Karmic Message. I would like to create a host page for links to You-Tube or Facebook karmic vendors so thazt people like me who do not engage in social media could still gain access.

The Trading Post will be set up as a non-profit; I am not what you would call money-motivated. While I have no desire to be rich, I have every expectation of becoming wealthy. True Wealth existing as that which one contributes to The Whole. It would have been nice to hit The Lottery or have received my fair share of my parents estate but neither has occurred. Though I am absent their assets I never feel isolated from my deceased parents support. They and other angels are with me always. I Trust that things will work out the way they are supposed to. God knows my heart and will allow me to participate to the degree I will allow myself. My desire is that when someone leaves this site, they will experience more Peace and Calm than when they arrived.

May God’s Peace Abide Within You,


The Man, The Myth, The Legend!

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